Welcome to Pâté Moi – home of our famous fresh mushroom pâté, hand made with masses of mushrooms and plenty of love

During the pandemic we are currently available at the following places:

Online via Borough Market Online. 

Pâté Moi freezes beautifully if you need to buy in bulk!

Borough Market on Fridays 10-6pm and Saturdays 8-5pm

Extended Christmas days coming soon

Primrose Hill Food Market Saturdays 9-3pm

Guest appearances at other markets / venues

See facebook/insta for more details

For wholesale, special occasions of any size, (incl. weddings) please do get in touch just email:

Warmest wishes from Flip

Primrose Hill Food Market, St Paul's School, Primrose Hill Road, London NW3 3DS

Opening times:
Saturday 9-3pm
See here for more information

At long last! One cheap delivery fee for as many things as you want from Borough Market Nationwide Delivery 😃🍄

Come and find us every Friday and Saturday in Three Crown Square, Borough Market

Opening times:
Fridays 10am – 6pm
Saturdays 8am – 5pm


Having Trouble Finding a recipe ?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Delicious smothered on fantastic fresh baked bread with a big mug of tea or a glass of wine

Fabulous for brunch with eggs and toasted sourdough bread

Extra special when served with aperitifs – hand around with drinks on small rounds of French bread with a little fresh watercress

Fastest lunch ever, just stir through pasta

Melt in the mouth chicken – bake chicken thighs with the mushroom pâté hidden in the middle and wrapped in pancetta for a lovely quick supper

Wonderful in a picnic – use it as a dip with super fresh crudités and crusty bread

Try melting it over new potatoes or as a stuffing in a baked potato, marrow or courgettes

For homemade cannelloni with a twist, mix with some quickly blanched chopped spinach leaves and fill the cannelloni shells with the mixture, finishing with a delicious homemade tomato sauce, béchamel and a generous sprinkle of parmesan

It mixes beautifully with wild rice for a mouthwatering veggie bake

Bacon and mushrooms go so well together – spread it on your hot bacon sandwich

Let it melt over a sizzling pork chop or a char grilled steak

Make your own beef Wellington using the pâté to cover the beef and bake in your homemade pastry

Top your soup with homemade croutons spread with a little mushroom pâté – great with chicken or obviously mushroom soup

Simply on toast – use the best bread you can find!

How it began

Going from a 9-to-5 job and with no start-up capital, Flip Dunning began selling her much-loved mushroom pate at Borough Market in September 2006. Based on a recipe her brother made up when he was eight, it has proved a huge success, and she now boasts a loyal clientele of thousands of customers who clamour for her cult product.

In my old life, I used to fly all over the world as part of my job, testing various brands and products in focus groups. I was so utterly absorbed in my work that although I’d made tonnes of cakes and treats privately for clients, I just didn’t have the time to give it my all.

The turning point came when my adored Dad became sick and, around that time, encouraged me to produce my own food and sell it at Borough Market. I sounded the idea out to a friend and she said she loved my mushroom pate so much that I’d be absolutely mad not to give it a go.

Where it went next

I’d visited Borough Market for years and loved it because it had so much community spirit and really brought Londoners together.

I decided to apply, which involved pitching my proposal and ideas to 32 members of the Borough Trust panel, which they accepted.

Sadly, that was around the time that I lost my Dad and I knew then that the following year was going to be life-altering. I quit my job, which was a huge scary leap but one I have never regretted.

I then set about quickly learning as much as I could about the basics of running a food business; which type of pots to buy, health and safety issues, and how to make the pate to scale.

My first day selling was the best day ever. Everything had gone within four hours – I felt like my Dad was helping me. The sense of satisfaction that not only did people like my pate, but also the fact that I’d made money from doing something I absolutely loved was exhilarating.

I did this for a life change and other things have changed too – I never thought my “outfit du jour” would consist of thermals and fleecy boots  but I love it.

An average week...

An average week consists of doing my accounts on Monday and preparing and making the food until Thursday. Friday and Saturday are sale days and Sunday I am often doing another farmers market. To think that once upon a time I used to think of shoes and clothes – now I can’t seem to walk past a DIY shop without getting excited.

Because of what I used to do in my old life, I definitely understand customers’ body language a lot better and know how to brand and market Pâté Moi. The only difference being that now, every bit of my hard slog goes into making my company better and spreading the pâté love.

I still love it

I sell only two products, and handmake every single batch and hand-pack every single pot of mushroom pâté and vegan mushroom pâté fresh for the market each week. It’s made to my old family recipe, which my brother came up with when he was eight years old—you couldn’t make it up!—and other than a few seasoning tweaks, I’ve stayed true to his original recipe. Even after 14 years, I try every batch myself, and I still love it.

While the exact recipe remains a closely held secret, one thing’s for sure—it requires a lot of mushrooms. We use about 80kg per batch, so the flavour is absolutely top-notch—really earthy and intensely mushroomy.

I always use fresh mushrooms, never dried, and cook them very, very slowly. It’s a real labour of love.

  • Wow it is absolutely delicious. It’s super creamy and the mushrooms are so rich in flavour. Just wow!
  • I adore your pâté – I specifically requested it from my wedding venue as part of our evening deli boards, and it got rave reviews from our guests
  • We have attacked your mushroom pâté as soon as it arrived…
  • We adore your pâté and crave it!
  • I wanted to write to say that I have nearly finished the mushroom pâté which my friend bought from you at the market.  It was absolutely delicious. And, I don’t even like mushrooms! Thank you for providing such a yummy, mouthwatering pâté.
    I bought your mushroom pâté yesterday for the first time & I’ve just eaten half the pot on FOUR slices of hot toast!!!  Oh my goodness, it is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!  Quite possibly the greatest taste sensation I’ve ever had!
  • You are geniuses for creating what can only be called little pots of heavenliness 🙂 & I am already planning my next trip to Borough Market to buy more – not only for myself, but for my friends too. Thank you again & continued success to you
  • Dear Flip, I just wanted to say that my son went to London last week and brought back some of your WONDERFUL mushroom pâté for me. It was absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to come up to London to be able to get some more

  • I’d just like to congratulate you for your mushroom pâté that I bought on Friday from your little stall in Borough Market. You really catch the freshness that is so lacking in supermarket products. Every success to you all
  • Thanks for the info Flip we did a search online & found you at Borough Market, so as soon as we’ve eaten the pâté we’ve got in the freezer we’ll be getting more.I hope your business continues to grow, your pâté is fab!
  • Having been tempted to purchase two tubs of your wonderful pâté in January, I used the second one this weekend. Has to be some of the best pâté I have ever tasted. Will be back soon! Thanks again.
  • Hi Flip, I bought some pâté from you last Friday, hubby loves it
  • I have joined you on facebook and will do my best to tell EVERYONE how wonderful your pâté is…. I don’t even like pâté… but I love yours! We had it on mushrooms and then later on we had it on garlic bread…. yummy
  • Dear Flip, I had to pass on this brilliant recommendation I got this morning from my lovely Australian hairdresser who (totally unprompted by me) started telling me about this amazing mushroom pâté she got in Borough Mkt. I think she described is as food drugs & is now totally addicted!  Hope business is booming!
  • I visited Borough Market recently and sampled your amazing pâté and absolutely loved. I went to London with a group of friends and we all got loads of it.  We absolutely loved every bite and wish it was sold in Ireland

  • Hope you don’t me being so informal seeing as we’ve never met! I just wanted you to know that a lovely friend of mine bought me a pot of your mushroom pâté for my birthday last week from borough market and I think it is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! Thank you for such a yummy product and for having such a great recipe (although I suppose I should be thanking your brother for that!) Thank you for the tasty mushroom pâté!
  • I tried Pâté Moi for the first time this weekend at Borough Market and absolutely loved it. I had it on a freshly baked whole grain bread with a poached egg on top for lunch today and it was gorgeous!  Thank you and keep up the good work
  • I am one of your fans of Pâté Moi and you can believe my clan back in Singapore are fans too!  A friend of mine will be in town end of the week and my family is demanding more Pâté Moi!  I will buy a lot of pots on Friday at the market
  • We bought some of your delectable pâté last week on a visit to London and just want to say thankyou!
  • Hello Flip! I just wanted to let you know that your mushroom pâté is absolutely delicious. I bought 6 tubs from Borough Market (my first visit) last Friday for family back home in Victoria, BC, Canada. After giving away some of them, I have two left for myself! Keep making your wonderful pâté
  • Hello, I just bought your fresh mushroom pâté at Borough Market and I am in LOVE!

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